Top 5 Best Bitcoin Mixer / Tumbler 2019 / 2020 Review

best top bitcoin mixer
best top bitcoin mixer

Best Top 5 Cryptocurrency Tumbler review by Sandra White

This 2019 has seen a turmoil for cyrptocurrency blenders. Many top bitcoin mixers has been under the microscope of FBI. This shutdown has been prevailed under money laundering context. Mixing or tumbling is furthermore technically not illegal, however many uses this services are for illicit reasons. This article on Top best Bitcoin mixer explains why.

The absolute reasoning behind this crackdown is mainly to the terms of use and policy of the services. This services said to allows illicitly obtained cryptocurrency to be blend. After the crackdown of the most popular tumbler “Best Mixer article as Best Mixers has been shutdown by FBI ” has many asking which are other alternatives and how reliable are those services.

Most users uses mixers as a buffer security. Mixing before making purchases on the deepweb is vital. This is performed to lose the trail of funded fund, either through local bitcoin private sellers or from a online crypto marketplace. This makes the cryptocurrency directly or indirectly finally pointing to them. Tumbling the coins or blending it will cut this trail making transactions on the deepweb untraceable or does not point to them. Purchasing this coins through a marketplace normally are through bank transfer or paypal with an attached credit card that can be used to reveal an identity.

We have tested and analysed 22 mixing services and 8 was a scam. In this 22 tested sites, it turns out 5 Bitcoin mixer were not safe as they had traces on the mix coins in the blockchain analysis or the services was not fully blended. After extensive testing and losing some coins, we came up with a summary that was based on , speed of mixing as suggested, reliability of the mix, blockchain traces , verification and scam reports. We ended up with this list, Best Bitcoin Mixer article volume 7

  1. BMC Mixer
  2. AtoB Mixer
  4. Anonymix

Detailed review of Top 5 CryptoCurrency Mixer Blender Tumbler for 2019 / 2020 are as follow

1. BMC Mixer

Website: http://bmcmix4soyfddcvqone5nj6za3ezil3rlbdcndlzr6ajlvux4p4sdzyd dot onion

No registration for mixing

Only available on TOR

Supports only 2 coins Bitcoin, and monero

The fee is random between minimum 1% and a maximum 4%.

No log and its safe to use funds after 1 day as they delete 1 day after mix, This is a plus point

Blockchain analysis clean ( we traced the blockchain and got back coins that were clean and fresh)

multiple deposit addresses, up to five addresses

Minimum mix is 0.0018 BTC and maximum is unknown

Pros: Funds safe to use after 1 days which is a huge plus point, Blockchain analysis clean, support 2 different cryptocurrency including monero.

Cons: Service fee is between 1 to 4% . Only available on TOR

2. AtoB Mixer

No Registration required for blending

Low Service fee 1%-2.99% randomly assigned to avoid trace.

No log and its safe to use funds after 1 day as they delete logs 24 hours after mixing

Supports 16 cryptocurrency : Dash DASH Zcash ZEC Monero XMR LiteCoinCash LCC Bitcoin BTC BitcoinCash BCH BitcoinGold BTG and others

Blockchain analysis turned out clean and we received fresh coins

This service uses MP2C. This is using 2 pools where receiving and sending is always different. One pool only receives funds, the other only sends.

Minimum mix is USD 20 and maximum USD 500,000

Pros: Funds were safe to use after 1 day. Blockchain analysis turned out clean, support 16 different coins, using MP2C system to mix which was a plus point

Cons: Service fee is between 1%-2.99%. We were charged 1.9% service fee.


No Registration required for tumbling

Supports 4 coins which are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum

High Service fee 5%

No log and its safe to use funds after 3 days.

Blockchain analysis clean of traces

Available on TOR

Provides fee calculator to calculate exact amount that will be received

Minimum mix is USD 50 and maximum USD 2,000,000

Pros: Funds safe to use after 3 days, Blockchain analysis clean, support 4 different cryptocurrency.

Cons: Very high service fee 5%

4. Anonymix


No Registration required for mixing

Supports mixing on TOR

Supports only one type of cyrptocurreny which is Bitcoin

Low Service fee which was 1% for a mix and they charge per address 0.0001 btc

No log. Logs are held for 7 days for security reasons (Mixed coins are only safe to be used after 7 days)

Blockchain analysis clean ( we traced the blockchain and received coins were clean)

Supports instant transfer. (however we advice using random timing)

Minimum mix is 0.01 BTC and maximum mix is 100 BTC

Pros: Low mixing service fee, blockchain analysis clean

Cons: Funds are save to use after 7 days as they hold 7 days logs



No Registration required on mixing

Supports 3 type of coins, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin

The minimum fee of mixing coins for Bitcoin is 0.8% + 0.0008BTC. Maximum fee was not clearly stated on the site .

No log and its safe to use funds after 3 days as they delete 3 days after mix

Blockchain analysis clean and received fresh coins

Tor Mixing available

Minimum mix 0.01BTC per transaction and maximum is unknown

Pros: Funds safe to use after 3 days, Blockchain analysis clean

Cons: High Minimum 0.01BTC / mix

It is always advised to mix coins in a few mixers to ensure that the coins received are truly anonymous. Anonymity is ensured in event a mixer gets compromised

This are the most reliable best Bitcoin mixer blenders tumblers that we tested. Service offer reliable mixing for bitcoin monero dash litecoin and zcash for 2019 / 2020

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